Refractometer – determine refractive index, birefringence, optic character and optic sign of gemstones.
Polariscope – determine optic character, optic figure and detect pleochroism of gemstones.
Dichroscope – detect pleochroism and determine SR/DR gemstones
Chelsea color filter – identify the coloring agent in certain gems.
SW/LW UV lamp – detect fluorescence of gemstones.
Desk-model Spectroscope – examine absorption and emission patterns in visible light of gemstones.
Electronic scale with hydrostatic attachments – determine specific gravity  of gemstones.
Diamond tester – distinguish natural diamonds and diamond simulants.
Gemological Microscope – identify natural and manmade gems. Detecting inclusions and treatments.
FTIR Spectrometer – examine gem’s absorption of electromagnetic energy in infrared range.
- Analysis diamond type (Ia,Ib,IIa,IIb).
- Detect various wax/oil/epoxy/polymer treatments in gemstones, e.g. jadeite, emerald.
- Distinguish between natural and synthetic gems e.g. quartz, emerald.
- Enhancement identification in corundum
UV-Visible Spectrometer - examine gem’s absorption of electromagnetic energy in UV and Visible range.
- Detecting specific trace element in some gemstones, for example, copper in tourmaline, cobalt in spinel.
- Enhancement identification in some gemstones.
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